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Author Topic: 510-355-1780 Portfolio Recovery Debt Collection Harassment  (Read 4172 times)
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510-355-1780 Portfolio Recovery Debt Collection Harassment
« on: April 12, 2011, 11:17:59 am »

I previously posted this

I keep getting phone calls all hours of the day from the number 626-209-2241 and found out that it's a company called Portfolio Recovery who claim I owe a debt from a credit card eight years ago.

That's funny, I tried to explain that I'm only 22 years old and I would have been 14 years old when that debt was incurred.

They will not stop calling me and I'm getting sick of the harassment.

What should I do ?

I ended up blocking the phone number on my iPhone now they are calling me from a new number 510-355-1780.

When will this end? Portfolio Recovery are harassing me for a debt that I can't possibly owe.

Do I need to change my phone number ?

Help with Portfolio Recovery Harassment over non-existing debt !!!
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Re: 510-355-1780 Portfolio Recovery Debt Collection Harassment
« Reply #1 on: April 13, 2011, 09:14:45 pm »

Portfolio REcovery Associates is cold calling anyone they believe they can muscle, manipulate and intimidate into paying a time-barred debt in order to "stop the clock", reage the debt and put it back on their credit report. NO one (in their right mind), is going to pay ONE red cent on debts which belong to someone else, have been discharged in bankruptcy, belong to someone else or have already been PAID.

NORFOLK VA 23502-4962
Phone:        (757) 321-6270
Fax:        (757) 321-2465

(The above is a USPS Validated Address)

The Culprit:

Behind the Culprit:

List of Associated Collection Firms:

Laws to Protect You:

These people know the guidelines to a limited degree, and they get paid well to be as combative and intimidating as possible.  They use phone 'spoofing' to use time differences against you and will try to confuse and control the call.  One of the best tricks they use is refusal to disclose who they are and their physical address.  If you request the firm ceases the calling (or) as that they provide the alleged debt in writing, they do not have to comply unless YOU send them a letter stating your wishes.  The above is the information you need for many of the calls you get.  Send the letters Certified Mail, Return Receipt and make sure you TYPE the requests professionally, with proper grammar and spelling.  The more they can make you look ignorant (or) incompetent the better chance they have to get a quick 'default judgment' and begin garnishing your wages.  Know your rights, and keep an eye on dockets for civil cases in your state against you.  If you show up prepared, you will be surprised how often you come out on top!
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christian louboutin sales Christian Louboutin Boots We will try to hunt down a picture of the gorgeous leather and report on it later The ball didnt even have an LV on it, but that didnt stop Vuitton from filing a trademark infringement complaint against the Korean carmaker Takashi Murakami comes to mind Put on some shades, a light white cotton tee, sexy shorts, and you are good to go Handbags are functional, at their core, and telling a little girl with nothing to carry that she needs to have one (and that her mom needs to spend hundreds of dollars on it) seems like the worst kind of consumerism Other than that, I think they did a great job <small style="text-align: center;">Christian Louboutin Artemis Shoulder Bag, $1,995 via Net-A-Porter</small>Imagine Artemis gallivanting through the wilderness with this metallic python shoulder bag with intense spiked studs all over the shoulder strap  Related StoriesFashion Week Handbags: Gucci Fall 2012Fashion Week Fall 2010: Gucci HandbagsFashion Week Handbags: Gucci Spring 2013Fashion Week Handbags: Gucci Spring 2011<small style="text-align: center;">Images via Vogue Christian Louboutin Boots
christian louboutin outlet: Related StoriesChristian Louboutin Studs Marianna Shoulder BagChristian Louboutin Pave ClutchSketch from the Christian Louboutin Capsule CollectionChristian Louboutin Fashions Night OutChristian Louboutins various adventures in handbag design have beenwell, adventures But the 14 grams of 18k gold seem to really be going for a price tag that is over the top in my opinion He watched me shop in Bottega, watched me shop in LV, and could not leave empty handed The selection of bags include the iconic Speedy, historic Keepall travel bag, or the Pegase 55 wheeled cabin case At first glance, both the Louis Vuitton Heart Locket Monogram Charm and the Louis Vuitton Round Flower Charm are eye catching and effuse a feeling of femininity Frankly, Im done with it The runway show show practically floated on its own, filled with white broderie anglais and crocodile bags in the palest shades of blue and yellow imaginable The blonde crocodile and ostrich patchwork, along with the bamboo detail and the gold hardware on the strap make the bags bite match the bark Christian Louboutin Boots
Christian Louboutin Boots christian louboutin online <center></center><center></center>  Related StoriesLouis Vuitton Watercolor SpeedyLouis Vuitton Aquarelle SpeedyLouis Vuitton Speedy SizesLouis Vuitton Monogram Roses Speedy<em>Tuesdays with Twiggers:</em> Louis Vuitton Updates Website for USA CustomersFor months Louis Vuitton has been telling its American customers that the www This would be wearable during the daytime with jeans and a cute black top (or any similar variation on that theme)<!-- see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media1x 1 I knew you could do it The long, east/west clutch sports the Mini Monogram Multicolore canvas, one of my favorites from the house because it ties together the LV logo with pizazz I swore off light bags thenThe LocationShannon and I had high hopes that the event was going to take place in the flagship store on 5th Avenue, in our fantasies we had envisioned Vuitton clearing a whole floor off eager shoppers and letting the event attendees roam the palace freely Christian Louboutin
Christian Louboutin Outlet: Mizhattan reports that on April 16, prices on your favorite Vuitton goodies will jump 3-5%, which is nowhere near the jumps that labels like Hermes and Chanel have made in the last six months?Rihanna adds, I have always been a fan of the Gucci brand and the products, especially their handbags9x 4Check Louis Vuitton for more information The contenders are: 1) Monogram Cheche Bohemian This line is named after a protective garment which is worn over the head and neck But I will make a trip to my local LV and get this baby, because I in love It looks like the folks at Louboutin took great care in considering how this bag would be carried, though the studs come to a point, but appear to be a bit domed off and not at all sharp so they wont hurt your handcom/v/oalQr3wZBHccolor1=0xb1b1b1color2=0xcfcfcfhl=enfeature=player_embeddedfs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object></center>Image and news via Just Jared  Related StoriesGucci Announces Limited Edition Bag to Benefit UNICEF in Celebration of Mothers DayGuccis Holiday Campaign to Benefit UNICEFElle MacPherson Makes Me Love this Gucci Bag Even MoreRihanna Style: Kooba Bennie ClutchWith photographers Mert Atlas and Marcus Pigott, Scarlett Johansson stepped foot in the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2007 advertising campaign with slighty tinted pink hair and the gorgeous skin we all are envious of christian louboutin discount
christian louboutin sales christian louboutin discount Louis Vuitton offers a wide variety of canvases and leathers to choose from which makes each item stand apart from the next, even if it is slightly The leather is varnished to give a glossy effect, while the chunky hardware gives off a not-so-subtle biker-chick vibe! There are several new bags being released in this line, available in October, with different colors and trims All you need to know is the love of pigs comes from an inside joke between my sister and I and now she calls me pig I am still sporting, and LOVING, my Gucci Horsebit Hobo The calfskin trim and chain link handles do not help muchSo what do you think does LVMH have a legitimate case? Should the movies production staff have sourced real Louis Vuitton to borrow for the film, which would certainly have been easy to do in Los Angeles? Or should a fictional character in a fictional movie claiming that a prop is made by a brand that didnt actually make it be a total non-issue? Share your thoughts in the comments Buy via eLuxury for $1130 In fact, I really dont hate it! I quite like it! Not only that, but its something that Ive been wanting them to try for so long christian louboutin discount
christian louboutin discount: I know Mr And this is Vlad Some kitschy accessories are released from time to time and many of them are far too absurd for me to ever want to splurge on them This fall bag by Gucci is absolutely gorgeous But there comes a time when no matter how limited something is, no matter how much fuss goes behind it, no matter how limited the quantity is, the product just plain old sucks And of course, open the clutch to find the signature red satin liningWhat can I say? I am loving it  Related StoriesGucci Sukey Large Python ToteGucci Sukey Large ToteGucci G Wave Large Leather ToteGucci Galaxy Python HoboGuess who is back on my radar majorly? Gucci christian louboutin online
christian louboutin discount
Christian Louboutin Boots
christian louboutin discount
christian louboutin outlet
christian louboutin outlet
ebay ugg boots size 8
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nfl jerseys cheap 2 For some this is a man cave while others place them in special display cases called shadow boxes where memorabilia such as game day programs and ticket stubs are added
cheap jerseys from china free shipping If you are a lover of football, you can purchase your shirts of your team so you can show your support to everyone00 in free international calling credits per month, which can mean up to 100 free minutes of international calling, depending on where you call The last time we all decided to go on a trip only two other people out of the group of ten of us decided to take a chance on what I have been saying about cheap student airline fares and we got there the same day to Panama City, FloridaIf you are a football fan, then it is no doubt that you love soccer jerseys The Sun Rocket unlimited local and long distance plan includes calling within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico E-911 service costs an extra $1
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best winter boots for women reviewUsually, the average coach trip will go to the two more popular destinations of the Grand Canyon, which are known as the West Rim and the South Rim
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louis vuitton outlet online And whether internet shop can be instead of real shop or not, the appearance of electronic business has offered buyers more options
louis vuitton shoes She had this book on her coffee table for years re not going to get there hours after they
louis vuitton Cruel Fashion Design Competition
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